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Our product range extends from spray technology and spraying technology to pneumatics and lubrication technology. We are constantly working on the progress and development of our products to ensure the highest quality standards and the longevity of our products - From Breckerfeld, Germany into the whole world. Our products prove their reliability and quality in worldwide use. Thanks to high precision in the production, our products can always satisfy the customers who regard "Made in Germany" as a quality product. With our customer service, we are always available to advise and solve technical problems. Together with you we conceive and create 2D and 3D constructions of small devices and assemblies and even produce small quantities if required.

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The Resource Efficiency Consulting, which began in 2018, focused on materials management. Due to an increasing individualization of customer requirements, the product portfolio has been greatly expanded in recent years and today includes not only a wide range of in-house manufactured products but also numerous articles of commerce. These are - often in small quantities - distributed through an online shop, through the technical trade or direct business to customers.

By means of a process analysis, the PIUS-Check method should be used to develop solutions to sustainably reduce the specific consumption of raw materials, consumables and auxiliary materials and thus achieve cost savings. This process analysis focuses on the entire in-house added value of production (assembly, order picking and warehouse processes). Not only the environment benefits but also the competitiveness of the company.

This project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).

Datum 21.08.2018

The GIFA 2019 is over
We would like to thank our customers, prospects and visitors for their interest in our company and our products.
We will come to you to implement the discussion as soon as possible.
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