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Building renovation

Injection packer

Packers allow the user to inject different materials in one building component. Depending on the pressure applied and the material´s viscosity this can close up the smallest of tears. In different kinds of packers, a check valve in either the packer itself or in the nipple prevents the reflux of the material so that it can settle and hence results in a proper seal.  

We manufacture different, premium quality injection packers. Depending on the application area and build many different ways of application are possible. We offer excellent quality at a fair price!

Brief introduction to injection technology

In the area of building protection, injection technology offers the possibility to carry out sustainable renovations to older builds. This sustainability is supported by two factors:

  • Insulation and sealing of leaks within walls, or at point of origin
  • Materials used for renovation can be adapted to the prevalent situation

Tears in buildings are caused by:

  • The building´s movements caused by external or internal influences
  • Incorrect use of materials

The first point, in particular, i.e. a building´s movements can turn a renovation into a real challenge, as these movements cannot be prevented. Hence, the materials and their use must meet a number of different requirements.

Sustainable fixing of tears

The goal of fixing tears in a sustainable way has to be:

  • To prevent entry of ingredients that further corrosion
  • To remove the leaks themselves
  • Fashioning a connection between the two side of the tear that can withstand both pulling and pressure but can also expand to a certain degree  

This goal can be achieved by using injection technology. For this purpose and depending on the situation, a packer or injection hoses are connected by drilling or through the joints in the building component.  Through these the sealant is then added in under pressure.

Generally there are two kinds of packers. The following packers are suitable for injecting into a wall through drill holes – the names can vary depending on the manufacturer:

  • Drill packer
  • Drive in packer
  • Steel packer
  • Grout packer
  • Lamella packer
  • etc.

For some buildings, the drilling of holes in building components is prohibited, e.g. in bridges or tunnels. In these situations, the following packer can be used instead:

  • Adhesive packer

Applications for injection technology

Water leaks

By using a injection packer a two-component material is usually injected which servers to stop the water entering.


During the initial building phase injection hoses are incorporated in locations that my turn out to be critical, e.g. in joints. Often, these hoses are re-usable.


Cavities, e.g. in brick constructions, can be closed up by using injection technology.

Wet and moving floors

In order to solidify these kinds of circumstance the packers are driven deep into the floor by using extensions. In this way the material is injected into the point of origin and the floor is sealed or solidified.

Expansion joints

Caused by movements of the floor or building, gaps can appear between different building components. The sides are closed by using soaked substrate and the subsequent cavity receives an injection by using relevant packers.

Leaky walls

Through applying a curtain injection a waterproof gel membrane is added to an exterior wall, or an appropriate sealant level is added throughout a wall.