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From 1938 to tomorrow – Our pathway to the future

Founded in Berlin and move to Hagen

On 28 May 1938 Hermann Sebald founded a company in Berlin to sell lubricating apparatus – with a branch in Hagen. After moving the head office in 1948 from Berlin to Hagen, the MAFA-Sebald company commences its own production of spray guns using Chill Casting. For this the melt is poured into an opening on the top into a permanent metal mould whose cavity is subsequently filled through gravity alone. Following the cooling of the mould, the cast can be removed and processed. Even in the early years of the company´s history, MAFA-Sebald is a synonym for reliable and innovative product ranges.

Transfer to the current location

In 1971 the company´s management decided to construct a new factory nearby in Breckerfeld and to move the company there. While the technology is modernised the manufacturing processes are changed to die-cast aluminium. Hence the product range in the areas of spray and lubrication techniques can be expanded and new products in the areas of workshop equipment, pneumatics and industry equipment can be added. As well as making the manufacturing processes more and more modern and efficient, trading activity is not far behind.  In 1982 a new building for a dedicated dispatch warehouse is designed and constructed, from where MAFA-Sebald products are delivered to the rest of the world.

Business expansion and a look to the future

In 1992 a new assembly workshop is erected on the premises, in which the highly technical devices can be assembled. As a result of the continuous extension of the product range, customers can choose from more than 10,000 items, which can now also be purchased in a company owned online shop. Hence, MAFA-Sebald has risen to become one of the world´s leading manufacturers and traders in the area of spray technology.  Since the middle of 2014 this progress has been carried on and expanded by Kim Hermann Sebald in the third generation.  We are looking forward to offer our customers innovative and premium quality products in the future and are, therefore, making continuous investments in our technical equipment.  Hence, at the beginning of 2015 a new die-cast aluminium foundry was introduced to the operation.