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Introduction to MAFA-Sebald

Our guarantee

„Made in Germany“ stands for German quality products. We expand on this demand for highest standards some more, and count on precision and longevity during each manufacturing process. Whether large charges or small numbers, all articles bearing the MAFA Logo are produced in Breckerfeld near Hagen. Using latest technologies, innovative ideas and a highly motivated team we can thus guarantee a lot of product enjoyment. Through continuous development of our production lines we are always keeping up with the latest technology and will also strive to make the impossible possible for you.  

Our values

75 years after being founded our family business is now run by the third generation in the shape of Kim Hermann Sebald. Not just the leadership but the entire team feel as a family and work hand in hand when manufacturing our products and developing new ideas. In this way we create a culture in which even new employees can feel comfortable from day one. The day to day friendliness and support are very important to us – this goes for dealing with you, too. Our customers´ satisfaction with us and our products are top of the list for us.  

Our service

On the edge of the „Sauerland“, located between Cologne and Dortmund, it is a short distance from the rest of the world to Breckerfeld.  Our own Online-Shop always offers our products as well as numerous accessories from our partners, which you can view and choose with a click. Our delivery centre will process your orders as quickly as possible and within a short period of time the products will be on their way to you.  Our trained customer service team is available to you to answer questions or make suggestions.