Development and Design

Mobile filling Line

We present a semi-automatic mobile filling system for filling small to medium series. For volumes between 0.5 and 5 liters. Suitable for filling chemical liquids such as descalers and cleaning agents. 

The filling level is detected and controlled by a sensor. The plant was completely developed in our house, also a development for food liquids is possible.

Piston lubrication device for minimum quantity metering of release agents and oils of different viscosities.

Piston lubrication device for industrial die casting processes.
By pumping or spraying (depending on the application and the lubricant used), the piston pump can apply the lubricant to the piston.
Of course, the piston lubricator can also be integrated in other production processes. Adjustments possible on request.

Minimal quantity meter

The meter measures the consumption of lubricants and allows an accurate calculation of the cost per lubrication cycle. By possibly regulating the amount of lubricant, waste and disposal costs can thus be reduced.

Gun body made of plastic for the pharmaceutical industry.

Developed in our house and produced in the 3D printing process. A gun for spraying release agent into molds. The lightweight construction of the spray gun body reduces the strain on the arm and thus protects the health of fellow employees. In addition, the spray gun can be used, for example, anywhere where aluminum is not allowed.